How does it work?

Tweakerz’ unique design is virtually invisible under all clothing. After adjusting the customizable, middle piece of your Tweakerz and positioning your bra cups to the desired lift, slide Tweakerz under both sides of your bra straps. Adjust it up and down your back until finding the ideal position to accommodate your outfit. Tweakerz Tip: When first trying on, start with a larger adjustment size and work down to a smaller, tighter fight.


What makes Tweakerz different from other bra accessories?

Tweakerz distinct design, adjustability, and flexible center strap is what sets this product apart. Unlike all other bra accessories, Tweakerz provides its wearer with a fully customizable middle piece that offers 3.5 inches of variability. 


Does Tweakerz work under all clothing?

Tweakerz is the most discreet bra accessory on the market. It lies completely flat so no bulging, bunching, or pinching can be seen through clothing. Since there’s no difficult weaving or complicated looping, using your Tweakerz is as easy as sliding it under your bra straps. You can even wear Tweakerz while working out!


Does Tweakerz create a slimming effect?

Tweakerz is a confidence booster for most women due to the impressive slimming effect. Because it provides lift and support, it improves posture, which immediately makes you look slimmer. In addition, since breasts are now lifted to the desired position, the torso looks elongated and focus returns to the waist.


How should I care for my Tweakerz?

Tweakerz is easy to care for. Clean with warm soapy water and then rinse and dry thoroughly.


Where is Tweakerz manufactured?

Tweakerz is manufactured in the USA.