Tweak Your Bra

Tweakerz gives you lift, support and cleavage while converting your standard bra to a racerback style.


Hides Bra Straps

Conceal unsightly bra straps whether it be activewear, special occasion attire, or your everyday outfit.

Customizable, Flexible & Hypoallergenic

This easy-to-use accessory with a customizable piece is flexible, comfortable, and allows the wearer to conceal unsightly bra straps, even with special occasion attire.

Cleavage & Lift

Tweakerz connects your bra straps to create natural cleavage, lift, and support.

Easy to use

Step 1

Place flat side against your back so hooks are facing out. Lift bra strap and slide one side of Tweakerz under hook.

Step 2

Slide second strap under the opposite hook.

Step 3

Adjust to ideal position by sliding Tweakerz down your back.


"Tweakerz will not only take the pressure off your shoulders, but it will also reduce strain on the neck and cervical spine."

– Dr. Randall F. Laurich, Chiropractor

"It is a phenomenal product! Tweakerz is the perfect fashion fix for all of our customers."

– Alene Too Boutiques

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